The Acqua Dolce Menu

Pure freshness, starting with salamander toast, followed by a whitefish dish, this menu reaches its climax with fusilli cooked in lemon water with sardines from the lake and barbecued eel.
This journey also ends on a sweet note, with a mix of pastries and fresh fruit.

Coregone in cooking oil
with mashed potatoes, herbs
and confit tomato sauce capers and garda lemon gel

Tortelli with beetroot extract stuffed
with char ragout on chard and pine nut pesto

Grilled eel lacquered with honey served
whit red cabbage, compote of red onion and black garlic

(white chocolate bavarois, ginger jelly,
chamomile ice cream and toasted black sesame sauce)

Small bakery

€ 100,00

(served to all the table dinners)