The Seafood Menu

This is the most Mediterranean option, with dishes that are, perhaps, among the most innovative and exotic on the menu.
We start with a prawn and shellfish tartare with lime and cherry granita before moving on to an elaborate dish of snail and sea urchin and the magnificent blue lobster course with mango and pas-sion fruit emulsion. This route ends in the south, taking us back to the warm lands of the islands, with pizzuta almonds from Avola paired with mulberries.

Octopus in crusted black rice
with potatoes and green beans

Squid stuffed with busara style scampi,
cream of chickpeas herbs and rosemary oil

Gragnano linguine with sea urchins
and crostaceans marineted in Garda oil

candies filled with liquid fish soup and fregola,
sautéed artichokes and citrus scent

Glacier 51roasted whit turnip tops,
almond milk cream and garusoli on the grill

Blue lobster in almond tempura with sweet and sour sauce

Mela godo
(crunchy meringue, apple cream and wild fennel ice cream)

Small bakery

€ 150,00

(served to all the table dinners)